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Bali now has a fairly good telecommunication system. Public phones can be found on almost every street, internet cafes in all the major tourist areas and good GSM coverage.

Telephone Services

Hotel Phone Service

Most hotels provide international direct dial (IDD) telephone services, although they do add a significant surcharge to the cost of the call. This can be convenient but expensive.

Emergency Numbers

Fire Brigade                113

Ambulance                 118

Police                        110

SAR (search and rescue) 751111

Other Important Numbers

Airport                    751011

Blood Bank             404305

Denpasar Hospital     227911

Bali International Medical Center     761263

Mobile Phones

For users of mobile phones, coverage is excellent in most of the major tourist areas, however service is limited in more remote areas of Bali. We advise anyone traveling to Bali with their mobile phone to check with their network operators for their international roaming status prior to traveling.

Cellular service in Indonesia is GSM. If you do decide to bring your mobile phone to Bali, you have the option of purchasing a prepaid calling card to make outgoing calls at a lower cost of calling on your home SIM. They are available from a number of shops displaying the service  providers logos, such as IM3, Telkomsel, Satelindo and Pro XL.

Internet Access

Bali has no shortage of internet cafes where you can check your mail. Internet Cafes are in all the major tourist areas such as Kuta, Nusa Dua, Sanur, Legian, Denpasar, Ubud, Candidasa and Lovina. Most of the major hotels will have a business center of internet cafe in house.

If you are  bringing your laptop you need to check with your ISP regarding roaming agreements. Alternatively you can connect to Telkomnet which requires no registration.

Telephone Number: 080989999
User ID: telkomnet@instan
Password: Telkom

Ideal if you want to check your hotmail, yahoo or free email account you may be using while traveling or if you just need internet connection for surfing the web.

Best local Indonesian ISP with reliable fast connection  - Indosatnet


Newspapers and Magazines

There are many newspaper boys on the street eager to sell you the 2 day old newspapers from Australia and elsewhere. Don't forget to bargain! There are also some local English language newspapers available daily such as The Jakarta Post,  Herald Tribune and Asian Wall Street Journal.

There are many free tourism magazines widely available through out the hotels and shopping centers. Be sure to pick up your copy for the latest news and information.

Postal Services

Postcards and letters can be posted from hotels and shops although stamps purchased from places other than post offices may cost more than twice face value. There have been some stories heard that post cards and letters sent from hotels and shops never make it to their destination. We suggest to locate your nearest post office and purchase your stamps and send your postcards and or letters from there.

Post offices are in every major town and village, and are open Monday - Thursday 8am -2pm, Friday 8am - noon and Saturday 8am - 1pm. The central post office is located in Denpasar on  Jl. Raya Puputan, Renon, and is open daily 7.30am - 8.30pm, Sundays 8am - 8pm.

Automatic Teller Machines (ATM'S)

ATM'S are everywhere. Many connect to international banking networks so you can withdraw cash in the local currency Rupiah from your home account. Look for those affiliated with your own ATM network displaying the visa and cirrus logo. There are many banks in Indonesia, each bank has a set limit of how much you are able to withdraw per transaction. For more detailed information Click Here

World  Time Map

We have provided a link to World Time Map so that you can check out the time difference between Bali and your home country.

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