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Sanur Paradise Plaza Hotel & Suites
Sanur Paradise Plaza Hotel & Suites


Bali Educational Workshops

Excellent Indonesian Course Since 1978

The unique 8 Hours Method helps you to master the basic practical Indonesian within 8 hours. You will be able to read Indonesian well within 10 minutes, and understand the basic practical structure of this easy language at the first 2 hours. Lessons are conducted 4x2 hours at the residence or hotel of the student (s). Tel: 62-361-462114 Mobile: 62 (0) 816-580-645 Email:
Individual: US$ 150, 2 persons: US$ 200, 3 persons: US$255, 4 persons US$ 300, 10 persons on special request US$ 500
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Balinese Dance Lessons - Apparently this is quite a popular class.

Adhi Dharma Hotel in Kuta offers Balinese Dance classes each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The price is US$15.00 for a one hour class. Should there be more than one person the rate would be US$20.00 per class.

The teacher is Mr Made Krancana who has won many awards for his dancing. A professional and dedicated to teaching. He is one of the old artists of Bali. Please e-mail us if you would like more information.

Bali Elements
Challenge the elements ignite, flow, ground, center and fly high... rediscover your natural strength and balance. Between sunrise fresh juices and sunset runs on the beach explore and expand your physical and mental potential through an individually tailored program.
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Tango Bali Club
At TANGO BALI CLUB we aspire to promote "Tango Argentino"; the dance and the music to the local and international people of Bali. We are also pleased to know that in the progress of developing argentine Tango in Bali, we will be another special spice in Bali�s delightful and diverse cultural concoction. The TANGO BALI CLUB aims to be Bali's holiday destination for Tango, inviting teachers and Students from overseas and training people of any age and in the progress producing new talents in the field of dance art.
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